It was a beautiful day amazing and interesting for us, we were really full of hope in the morning, because we knew we are about to get explored to another new stuffs.

Our first session was facilitated by Mr. Ishola, we were being lectured on a topic Personal development, 3 laws of development, benefit of each laws, aims of each laws, motivational stories that we can derive a development skills from.

He also taught us a two new songs, and we did three activities over what we have been taught over a given time.

The class was a motivational class and encouraging.

The second class was most exciting session, where we communicated lively from Canada with Dr. Nnamdi Odika, he facilitated the second session based on the topic “Effective Communication and Emotional Intelligence”.

We were told that the day was 2021 the youth international day and that was the theme for the year.

The class was so interactive, that we felt like he was present with us, under the topic, he explained a lot of things such as; communication, key component of communication, medium of transmission, environment, context e.t.c.

He asked a lot of questions and we were given chance to ask some questions too, the class was so interesting and we learnt the best way to communicate with each other, and control our emotional intelligence.

We also had a class with Mrs. Jane Mclaren from Ausralia who lectured us on the topic, Virtues and Legacy of STEM Belle…

She lectured us on virtues we can have as a Stem Belle ambassador, we did frequent activities which we came out to explain frequently such as, drawing a map of our community and stating our problem and what we would like to change in the community. Her class was so motivational and really impacted a lot in our career.

Our third class was a very challenging class which was on robotic competition and was facilitated by our robotic teacher. It was a challenging class because every group was eager to win the contest.

We did three robotic projects based on given time, marks were allocated for each project and the results were compiled to determine the best four groups.  

We also said a big thank you to the Balise Fashion that sponsored the cloth we wore on that day.

The director studied electronic engineering and later end up as a unique and standard fashion designer.

Today’s class was so fantastic, amazing, motivating and encouraging, we learnt a lot from each class, which has really impacted in us.

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