The third day class was interesting and began good, we got lectured by Mr. Emmanuel on the topic based on ONE HEALTH APPROACH AND STEM CAREER OPPORTUNITIES. The word ONE HEALTH means the connection between animal, human and environment health, we also learnt what ZOONOTIC is and causes of zoonotic diseases in our environment. We were also taught what vaccine is and the meaning and importance of medications.

We also got lectured on the career paths we can find in STEM fields, their definitions and their course. We had a class exercise over what we have been lectured and the scores were later called out to know our performances.

We moved to another class which was on  creating canva  page which was facilitated by Miss. Adeola, we learnt what canva is web tool used for designing. The  class was interactive, and exploring to new designing strategies

We moved to another, robotic class which was facilitated by Mr. Joseph and Miss Victoria. We were taught the 17 SDGS and robotics solutions we find to some of them. We built a robotic street light which serve as light on the street, the project required a lot of team work which enabled  us to succeed. The programing aspect is the most important aspect in building a robot which required a lot of attention. The street light solved three SDGS including sustainable communities and cities, industry innovation and infrastructure and clean and affordable energy.

Another section was done which was about building houses with spaghetti and cellotape, the section was so creative and required critical reasoning and planning very well, all the teams built up different houses within 30 minutes .The teams present  their  project and was scored, the winner was announced and was given a prize

We learnt a lot from today class and to always plan well ahead of any project given to us.  


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