The 2021 Boot Camp was officially opened on the 9th of August 2021 at the Alumni Center, University of Ibadan, anchored by Mr. Tosin Aderibigbe.

The opening prayer was briefly said by a student, the program was honourably attended by Mr. Jinadu T.T, the representative of the Permanent Secretary Mrs. A.B Atere and Mr. Owo Eye, representing The Principal, CHS Ido and also graced occasion, the representative of the Director of Applied Science and Technology, Mr. Oluwatosin Aderibigbe.

The opening speech was delivered by Mr. Jinadu T.T., the speech was interesting and educative. The second speech was delivered by Mr Owoeye, he talked briefly about STEM Belle. What it is and how it will be of benefit to us. He also showed his excitement about the STEM Belle Boot Camp.

Miss. Doreen (The Programme Director) Anene advised us on how to maximize our time on this STEM Belle Boot Camp, we were also encouraged by other STEM Belle Teachers.

The opening programme was later rounded up by a closing prayer from a student.

We had another session that was facilitated by Mr. Joseph and Miss Folashade, the class was full of fun, we were taught what a website is, how to open  a web page, design it and to upload pictures and posts on it. The class was interactive, educative and exploring to new technology stuffs and we were also given a classwork over what we have been taught and the winners was given prizes

We learnt a lot of things during the web design class that can serve as source of income for a woman in STEM field and also helps us to search more information. The class was full of fun and we are hoping to get more opportunities.


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